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Legends In my book

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North Shore Legends


Just about every day, someone would say, do you know who that is? That person invented Surf! Or I would see a sticker “Eddie Would Go” or I would have dinner at their house, and someone would call, donating 15K worth of food to the Big Island because of Pele, that’s another legend. Sometimes, I would meet them at Foodland or the bike path.
On the North Shore, I'm surrounded by legends!

Brazil Legends


My grandpa was and still is a big legend in my book. My entire family and Ohana Silva, Parker, Ferguson, Sehuster, and Vieira.
The Vieira bloodline is full of legends… Patrick Vieira, Merideth Vieira.
The scallop shell (or ‘vieira’ in Galician and Spanish) will help you find your way to Santiago. Vieira, the scallop shell is one of the most iconic symbols of Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

Australia Legends


The entire Waterpolo team in Sydney are legends in my book!
I've met a lot of silent heroes… the guys that put their lives in danger every day to save lives! I watched the Bondi Rescue Lifeguards, from my window in Bondi Beach, Australia. I created an app for Bondi, called Bondi Bubble App, I met a lot of legends that helped me and still believes in me, gives me the strength to create the bubble 2.0

USA Legends


I’ve worked for the biggest Entertainment Studios in Los Angeles (Disney, Dream works, CBS Interactive, ABC, FOX SPORTS and NBC Universal) - Definitely met lots of legends at work.  My gym, Crunch Fitness and Equinox in Weho are full of music and movie legends. Hollywood is full of Legends. As well as Alaska, Montana, Washington,
Colorado Springs, New York City, Seattle and more.

Some of the people that made a positive impact in my life. Thank you all for the love, strength, support, laughs and great memories! Aloha

I've realized, I know legends from all over the world. You’re obviously one of them!  So, I’ve decided to remember all the LEGENDS IN MY BOOK.  I know Legends in Hawai’i, California, Australia, Alaska, Brazil, Europe, England, Greece, Ibiza, Germany, South Africa, Bali and more.

I’ve met top celebrities, Rock Stars and DJs, and the legendary Dr. Dre,, Green Day, Jonathan Rhys Meyers Drew Barry Moore, Gerard Butler and more. When I worked at CBS Interactive, my office desk was right next to the CBS Helicopter pad, it was right next to David Letterman's Late night show.  I also workedout at Crunch and Equinox in Weho, that's where most legends go in Lalaland.

I’ve worked for other big Entertainment companies in LA (Disney, DreamWorks, ABC, FOX SPORTS & NBC Universal) - Definitely met lots of legends in my team. I also worked with a few legends in Sydney, Australia.  One legend, in particular, was my old boss from Fairfax Media, Rajhev Rajkumar, from South Africa.  The hiring process takes about 6 weeks in Sydney or longer.  After my 4th interview with the legendary all women team and passing a test.  I've realized that my visa was going to expire in 3 days, he managed to jump through hoops and get me hired, because of Raj, I had the opportunity to live in Australia for 5 years. He will always be a legend in my book!  Plus, I'm still friends with most of the girls on that team!  Mel & Sam were both gorgeous, smart and fun ladies. They taught me a lot about Straya.

There are a few legends in my book in Anchorage, Alaska. I went to the West Sideeee High School.  I’ve trained with top legends, and with the Taekwondo OTC (Olympic Training Center) team in Colorado Springs. I'm a black belt in TKD, two times national champion.  I got a full ride scholarship in Seattle,  that's where I met one of the top legends in my book, Oliver Sehulster!  I started traveling because of him, and we moved to California together on Sep 11th. We almost moved to New York but it was too cold when we visited, plus everything went wrong.  I used to say, New York, that b*tch hates me, but Thank God, we didn't go to NYC!  It was sad enough watching all the terror from TV.  I remember after that day, everytime a fire truck or firefighters would go by, people would cheer, wave, smile at them, they are our heroes and true legends!!  I still carry the tradition to smile at the fire trucks,  I usually give them a shaka and think: Godspeed boys! They're always helping the community.

I also lived in London, I met the legendary Pete Tong, from Radio one.  He was playing at the Monster Massive Halloween event.  He is a top legend!  I was so grateful that I met him, I danced all night long, on a broken foot!   Richard Branson is another legend from the UK. He would win the Legends Award for best Entrepreneur, Visionary, and Fun guy! He is an English business magnate, investor, author, and philanthropist. He founded the Virgin Group, which controls more than 400 companies. Richard Branson Says He Cheated Death several times, saying "I really thought I was going to die" Last year on the North Shore, of Oahu, Hawai'i. I've said "This is it!" several times, including a false ballistic missile alert, fainting 4 times in 30mins, I did see a bright light.  Or when the car breaks stopped working while driving down Pupukea.  I almost got attacked by a pit bull on the Heiau, and I went swimming with sharks. HA

I met a few legends in Ibiza, and I met Legends in Amsterdam, Greece, Italy, France, a few from Croatia and Hungary. I also met Tamás Kásás, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist and the best defensive player of his era, if not the best overall in Waterpolo.  He stayed at my house when I lived right in front of Icebergs in Bondi Beach.  I ended up becoming friends with the entire Waterpolo team in Sydney, Australia.  They are all legends in my book!.

I've met a lot of silent heroes… the guys that put their lives in danger every day to save lives! I watched the Bondi Rescue Team from my window in Bondi Beach, Australia. I created an app for Bondi Beach called Bondi Bubble App.  I met a lot of legends that helped me and still believes in the bubble and sends me weekly emails, filled with positive vibes.  Sometimes, I open the emails and cry and other times I respond in excitement the progress.  Plus I've witnessed the Bondi Surf Life Saving and Bondi Lifeguars save thousands of lives on the beach every day. They are definitely Legends in my book.  I also got a chance to talk with Eugene, from Aquabumps and Anthony Glick, amazing photographers. Glick is a Bondi Rescue Lifeguards as well, has a lovely girlfriend and always supported the Bubble, as well as Lifeguard Hopo, another legend!

Bali is another magical place full of legends.  I met a lot of brothers and sisters there.  My soul sister karmini Kamini and I became friends right away.  I was sitting on my own and she was sharing all her fresh fruit with everyone and offered me some.  We started talking and then she drove me all over the island and took me to a great local restaurant, and then drove me to the airport.  We only hung out 1 day but our bond is very strong, we always pray for each other. Last year, my other little angel, soul lovely sister Alessia Drwcys was in Bali, when the volcano exploded last year.  She was so stressed out and didn't know anybody there, so I emailed my local sister Karmini and asked if she could look over that little angel.  They met up, and Alessia managed to get on a bus for 24 hours and leave the island.  I will be forever grateful to Karmini, and always keep her in my prayers.

I get strength from listening to legends like Oprah, Deepak, Antony Robbins. I go to bed every night listening to Oprah’s videos. Since I was 14 yrs old, my mom got every positive thinking tape from Antony Robbins, she would play it all day around the house in Anchorage, he made a huge impact in my life and I got to create his website when I worked at NBC.

I got nominated for an Emmy for the Biggest Loser Digital Experience and Bob Harper was my spin instructor, before he was on the show. He is a legend in my book because when my grandpa Vovo died, I was so sad, I stayed in bed for 1 week but grandpa hated lazy people, so I got the strength to get up and go to the gym.   I was in a very dark place and the worse mood ever,  and I remember looking at the boxing ring, and bob was there looking at me, I gave him a big long stare, he annoyed me 99% of time but this time, he wasn’t trying to annoy me, he just kept looking like something was up, so I looked away, then I looked back and he was still looking at me, so I gave him a crooked smile and that was enough to bring me back to life.

I also get strength from my ancestors and other legends that passed away, I believe their spirit is still alive and we can always connect with them, whenever you feel or need some inspiration, protection or guidance. Whitney Houston is a big legend in my book! I listen to her songs every day!

My grandpas and grandmas are big legends in my book and my entire family and Ohana Parker, Ferguson, Schuster, Silva, Resend, and Vieira!  My grandpa Parker, left money for all the kids to go to college. The Vieira bloodline are full of legends… Merideth Vieira, Patrick Vieira. Not to mention "Vieira" is a scallop shell, it's one of the most iconic symbols of the Camino de Santiago and it was used, along with the yellow arrow, to guide pilgrims heading to Santiago de Compostela along its many different routes. Painted on trees, sidewalks, tiles, etc… the scallop shell (or ‘vieira’ in Galician and Spanish) will help you find your way to Santiago.

I met Queen Bee and other Business Women Goddess Soul Sisters around the globe, to name a few MOMO, Vivi Ziggler, Carol Angelo, Penny Yost, Dana J Robison, Woodrie Ferguson, Arleen Shrader, Luciana Thabata Vieira, Elisa Marigold, Tiffany Farrington and more. It’s impossible not to be inspired by these legendary women!

In Hawai'i, I met a lot of legends that helped me, taught me new things and believe it or not, there's a higher concentration of Legends on the North Shore, mainly because of the surf and most people live with the Aloha Spirit, otherwise, the island will spit you out! Everywhere you go on the North Shore, you will always see a sticker, a sign or a shirt saying "Eddie Would Go"  Eddie Aikau is one of the biggest legends in Hawai'i and in the surf community.  I also met Eddie Rothmam, one of the founders of the Dahui Club. I met a lot of legends when I was having dinner at his house.  Kimo and Terry are great Hawaiian legends in my book.  I worked with Terry for a few days at the WSL event and he is a very wise kahuna.  Maui is another legend, he was one of the first Hawaiians to talk to me about the Hawaiian culture, and how they need someone like me, tech guru, passionate to help document and keep their culture alive. He said, most of our kids are mix now and they don't care about their culture anymore. They are forgetting about their ancestors.  I still remember looking at him and saying, thanks but I'm working on my own projects, back then,  I was still working on the Bondi Bubble App.  Years later, and my entire idea and project have shifted to give back to the Hawaiians and other charities around the world.  I guess he was right!  He is trying to get Amazon's to start donating to the Amazon Forest.  His mom was a big legend on the North Shore and royalty.  Hawaiians, in general, are very spiritual people. My Hawaiian Sisters Kahealaniku'uleialoha Aipia-Dolan, her daughters, and grandma Moani are all legends in my book!

One of the biggest legends in my book right now is my little cousin’s 3 years old son, his name is Leo. I mean, all Leo's are born legends in my book! They were born to be a star! They shine like the sun and their light touches a lot of hearts, just think of our new Princess Meghan Markle, who married the Royal Legend, Prince Harry! His mom is a legend too, Princess of Wales, Diana.

I got so inspired thinking about all the legends, that I’ve decided to create daily ALOHA videos to REMEMBER all the legends in my book for the past 40 years of my life. The videos are my daily gratitude because I have other legends in my book that I haven't mentioned on this list yet....  I'll soon add the other legends. I’m very blessed and grateful for all the legends in my life!  #Aloha.Bubble

Background Story


Every time you buy our products, you get that good Mana from Hawai'i and part of the money is going back into our community.  It's the perfect Xmas, birthday, wedding gift as well.

Aloha means Love, respect, trust, good vibes, and Mana. It’s that good vibration, that has a ripple effect into the word, you start attracting more love, more abundance, more happiness, more joy, peace, respect, success, health, and love into your life!  Aloha.

Background Story
Because I love it. I created the North Shore Legends brand to help raise money for local communities in Hawai’i and around the world.  For every item ( flip-flop, swimsuit, bikini, apparel, home decor or bags ) sold, I’ll donate $5 dollars back into the local community. You can select your own charity, add organizations or choose from our local list, in the Aloha Bubble.

I tried to get investors but they all tried to flirt with me, or date me. I wasn’t about to sell my soul cheap, I’ll date for love, not for money or for an App. Plus, it would defeat my purpose! So after years on the making, I've realized if I designed and sold merchandise, I could give back to the community and fund my own projects.  I did it before in Bondi Beach, I created an app called Bondi Bubble App, but after quitting my $950/day job, to work on the Bubble app 18hrs per day, as an entrepreneur startup without funds coming in.  After one year, I was burned out and literally spent every dime I had to keep the project alive and I ran out of money. I failed but I gained lots of wisdom, and lots of experience!

So I came to Hawai'i for 3 days to work on a new business plan or to try to get a bank loan or another credit, or start a GoFund account, or do something different because the old plan wasn’t working and the local business in Bondi, didn’t value my work, very few saw the big vision and most people and business didn’t even say thank you for all the work I was doing for them and the community. BTW:  I also contributed to help save the Bondi Pavilion.

So after 3 days on a beach in Hawai'i, I decided to extend to 3 more days and 3 more days and 3 more days… So, I spent 1 year on a beach in Hawai'i, reflecting, relaxing, being grateful, praying, meditating, chilling and relaxing. I got a lot of amazing photography of sunsets on the beach. During my first year in Hawai'i, I did farming, construction for the surf events for WSL. I also did some contract work offsite, creating mobile apps and websites, I have 18 years of experience and that's my profession, to pay the bills and survive, literally, I survived Hawai'i.  I also met a lot of Legends on the North Shore. So many legends that I’ve decided to create this project to remember, learn and keep all the knowledge in one place and to harness that good Mana.

The locals and Hawaiians always gave me strength, hope and helped me out. They are so nice and I’ve learned a lot from them, plus it’s the first time in my life, I feel I fit in or that's where I belong.  I even look Hawaiian! I felt the connection and energy of Hawai'i as soon as I got here. Finally, I found a place where the people are just like me, always giving, helping others, being grateful, happy and kind. I've always been different but here, I finally fit in.  I found paradise! A place where people help each other, they stop for people to cross the street, they stop and ask if you need a hand, they save thousands of people on the beach with the massive waves.  Most people don’t lock their cars or houses. They take their shoes off before entering their homes, they give a whole other meaning to Happy Friday, It’s Alohaaaaa Friday!
The women wear flowers on their head and the people fish and surf all day! Every day is Saturday! Heaven on Earth! This is the last place the soul will pass before leaving earth.  It's a very spiritual and powerful place as well.

Aloha means a few different things… Hello, Goodbye, I love you, Thank you and most important… to give back! Help others, especially the ones that don’t have a voice on this planet… Mother Nature, the ocean, our animals, trees, and plants. For me also means, respect our ancestors and children. If you don’t have a clue of what I’m talking about! No worries, I did not know what Aloha meant until I moved to Hawai'i. I was already living with the Aloha Spirit my whole life, I just didn't know it was called Aloha.

When you get this, you get faith, enlightment and the Aloha Spirit. Nature is my church! The dance floor is my church as well. That’s when my soul is happy... dancing!

Yes, a genius, visionary, Goddess Gemini (Mercury is my ruling planet, the messenger of Gods!) women created this, with the guidance of my Spirit Gods. Plus all the legends in my book!  

Wahine   女性   Mulheres
To all the women who run the world, who are free spirits and beat to their own drum, to all the divas, travelers, Entrepreneurs, mothers, single moms, step-moms, godmothers, and soon to be moms… Cheers! 

To all the people that go on the biggest adventure… follow your dreams!  -Oprah

To all the tech, entrepreneurs, athletes, travelers, students and businesswomen out there!  

Our main goal is to connect with Mother Nature, the Divine Universe power that created you, the one that knows your true self and always wants the best for you, we just have to stop and listen. Connect with Nature, with the source, that makes the sun shine, the birds fly and the waves in the ocean.

Our purpose is to give back, to help one another, to be happy and healthy, to respect mother nature and all beings, to have compassion, more respect and love for kids, women, elders, animals, plants and our ancestors. Once you realized that, you are awake!  Then, its easy to see how we are connected, to all those things, the birds flying, the wind moving the trees, how the sunlight hits the water, the stars and moon shining, you feel their energy and beauty and that loves comes back to you and it goes out into the world, that’s the ripple effect! That’s Mana. Aloha.


Bondi Bubble has expanded to Hawai'i,
the Bubble is part of the ALOHA BUBBLE.
It's a platform that promotes legends around the world. Local legends in our community and anyone that lives with the Aloha Spirit. Let's "Be on the Path of Legendary-ness". Spread the Aloha!

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North Shore Legends


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I challenge you, to create a video, to remember 5 people that made a positive impact on your life and pass it forward...  Let's Spread the Aloha Spirit!   @Aloha.Bubble   #BondiBubble


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