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The Bubble 2.0 platform promotes Legends from around the world.  Featuring Hawai'i, North Shore Legends, Australia, Bondi Bubble.  Add Local LEGENDS in our community, surfers, artists, musicians and more. We donate $5 dollars to nonprofit organizations.  Connect, Shop and Donate!




Do you know a few legends? Just Tell us, why someone in your local community, a charity, product or a business has made a positive impact in your life? 

Here you can add charities, nonprofits, and organizations from around the world. We want to promote and support companies with the same vision, to make it easier for others to access them.

We love charities, groups, clubs, business, associations or people that helps protect our planet, use sustainable products / firms and earth-friendly companies that live with the Aloha Spirit.  Let's "Be on the Path of Legendary-ness". Spread the Aloha!


Personalized gifts for weddings, sports team, school, games, work, family, friends or special events.  You can add your own photo or choose products from our ALOHA shop.


ALOHA Apparel & Merchandise

BONDI BUBBLE AND HAWAI'I - North Shore Legends Collection 

Behind the apparel and products in the bubble, are the beautiful photos of Hawai'i and Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.
The North Shore, of Oahu in Hawai'i - it's a place full of powerful energy. Mana is a Hawaiian word for Life Force Energy, It exists in people, places, and objects. So that’s what the Aloha Bubble is all about, Good Mana!   In Hawaiian culture, Mana is a spiritual energy and healing power. It exists in places, objects, and persons. Waimea Bay and other North Shore places such as Waimea, Pipeline, and Sunset Beach are popular because of the legendary surfers and big waves in Hawai'i.  Our collections have this unique energy that we created just for you!  

Photographers and artists:  Do you want to collaborate with ALOHA for the next Summer / Winter Collection?  Please, Submit a photo and we'll select a few lucky winners to collaborate with the Aloha Apparel and merchandize. You get $5 dollars to donate to your local community, for every item sold in the Bubble, ALOHA.  For more details, emails us at


We'll donate $5 dollars to our local communities, and non-profit organizations that helps protect our planet!  Or choose your favorite charity for us to donate!   Shop ALOHA today!



We'll donate $5 dollars to our local communities, and non-profit organizations that help protect our planet! Or choose your favorite charity for us to donate!  Shop ALOHA today!













Why Am I Doing This?

The Purpose of Life Is to Discover Your Gift. The Meaning of Life Is to Give Your Gift Away.

Every flip-flop, apparel, bag, bikini, phone case, or home decor items sold in our ALOHA shop, we donate $5 dollars to our local community, charities, artists and nonprofit organizations. We want to help the locals dealing with the Natural disasters, the Volcano Pele in the Big Island and every one affected by the Hurricane Lane in the Hawaiian Islands. The homeless in front of Foodland. Then, give the money back to our North Shore Lifeguards Association and water security.  In the future, we will expand to other lifeguards stations in Hawai'i and around the world. We want help places that protect children and women against drug abuse and prostitution. Believe it or not, its a big issue in Hawai'i.  We'll help the animals, the ocean, and our planet. Our goal is to meet with different charities, nonprofits organization, community locals and clubs that have a similar vision, so we can donate and give back as well.

Every item sold in the ALOHA shop online, we'll donate local charities, nonprofits organizations that help protect our planet, animals, the ocean and our local community.

Why are you doing this? Why not?
If every person, would do one thing a day to help their neighbor, a friend, the community, mother nature, a stranger or donate time or money to help others… the world would be a better place, there’s enough for everyone.  Plus you always feel good, it gives you that warm & fuzzy feeling inside, you forget all your worries, you feel better and you get back double in return. You might be thinking to yourself... are you serious? Yes, It’s that simple and easy!

Imagine if every business or store would do the same? Donate a percentage of their profit to help the local community? They will probably sell more, get more customers and be able to sleep better at night, thinking I gave back today, I did something good, towards the light.

Companies like Shell or Amazon, they trademarked the name of a forest in Brazil.  So, you would think part of their profit should go back to the Amazon people, to help protect the forest right? Or Shell could donate some profits to help protect our ocean, seashells, fish, whales in Hawai'i, Alaska, California or to help protect the Great Barrier Reef? Makes sense, but the current reality is completely different!! How about Universal? Or Lions Gate? Sea World? I'm sure you've seen the news about this Chicago company wanting to trademark Aloha Poke! Are you serious? He should be donating part of his profit back into Hawai'i and to help protect the ocean and animals. He probably doesn't even know the meaning of Aloha!

Obviously, there are companies and organizations that help already. We want to feature them, so we can support them back, and to make it easier for locals to access charities, associations, and communities to reach out when they need help as well.  Mental illness, depression, loneliness, hunger, abuse are major issues that need our attention and we hear over and over kids taking their life or didn’t reach out to anyone. If we take the focus out of ourselves for just one hour a day, look around, get off our phones, talk to people, or just smile at a stranger, we could be helping saving lives as well.  

We can all be legends!  There are plenty of silent heroes in our community already.  They help because they love giving back and helping others. So I want to feature them on the Aloha Bubble, starting with the North Shore, and eventually expanding to other areas, islands and countries. North Shore has a ridiculously higher number of legends, from the Surf community to local Hawaiians, Kahunas, musicians, artists, photographers, the lifeguards and more. Just about every person I met on the North Shore was a legend or knows one. These are people that help invent surf, from shaping boards, surfers, and lifeguards saving thousands of lives, to locals that live and breath with the Aloha Spirit! To name a few, Eddie Aikau is a name you hear a lot around here, there are stickers that say “Eddie Would Go” and a surf completion in memory of Eddie Aikau, the Hawaiian lifeguard that saved thousands of lives from the big waves on the North Shore.

You know that song… "You'll be keeping my legend alive", by the roots. Or the movie coco, from Disney?  Every time you have a thought or remember that person, you give them Mana. You send them good vibes and Aloha. You smile when their name pops up in your head.  Sometimes that memory is very faded, or almost forgotten(?)  
I mean, I don’t carry a photo of everyone I love with me at all times, it's in my heart.  Sometimes I have to pause and reflect to remember all the legends in my life. So, I want to create daily gratitude Videos, from all the legends in my book. Plus, I get to remind them, how awesome they really are and a difference they made in my life.

We tend to forget and be too hard on ourselves or neglect the elders that feel lonely or lose another brother to depression or mental illness. That's why is so important to reach out to our loved ones and remind them how special they are, or what a positive impact they had in your life. We are all humans, we have our sides, just like the moon, sometimes we are awesome and sometimes, we have room to improve. The Aloha Bubble Video Challenge is all about focusing on that love, respect, trust or great memory you have of that person that made a difference in your life. We are so disconnected these days with all that technology, that we need to start looking around and helping one another.  You can make a difference in someone's life, by sending them some aloha and sharing why they are legends in your book.  It will give them strength and probably make their day!

Legends are living silent heroes or people, places that give you energy.  Animals, Divine, God, Mother Nature, plants and more. You can have anything and everything be a legend in your book because its all about the energy, as well as ALOHA and Mana.


  1. Shop Aloha, and we'll give a percentage back to your favorite charity.
  2. We design personalized products for weddings, families, events, other brands, and business. Part of the money will be donated to charity. Sharing is caring! 
  3. We promote other sustainable products/firms and earth-friendly companies and sell their products and merchandise in the Aloha Bubble.
  4. Photographers and those with a good eye and the gift to capture the moment, you can submit your photos, We'll select a few to create our next collection. You get paid a percentage to go towards your favorite charity or local community.
  5. The bubble is perfect for non-techies who are not familiar with design, social media or web development.  We can help expand your business overseas and online. Create a virtual shop to sell products in the ALOHA platform website, Ebay Amazon and Mobile App.   
  6. Donate directly to charities and your local communities.
  7. If you know other legends in your community or around the world, share your story and tell us why they are LEGENDS and pass it forward.  #Aloha.Bubble
  8. We want to invest and help promote charities, groups, nonprofit organizations and associations that have a similar vision, devote all their love to giving back, and feature them, so it's easy to find them, when you need it, easy to reach out, shop their products, give back and donate.

In The Bubble



Expand your local business online and overseas.   The bubble is perfect for non-techies who are not familiar with design, social media or web development.   Create a virtual shop to sell products in the ALOHA platform, website, Ebay Amazon and Mobile App.  We donate $5 dollars to local charities or choose your favorite charity to donate in the bubble, ALOHA.
Connect, shop and donate  now!

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  • The bubble is perfect for non-techies who are not familiar with design, social media or web development
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Bubble 2.0 platform will launch in 2018.  Subscribe to receive daily Legends video about inspiring people in the North Shore, Hawai'i, Bondi Bubble, Australia and around the world. Get App details, how it works, updates.  Plus add charities, service, products and legends in the bubble, ALOHA.

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The new Bubble platform will launch 2018.  
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Learn about inspiring people in the Surf industry and our local community.  Legends from Bondi, Australia, Hawai'i, USA and around the world.  Mahalo!